The Danish Blasphemy Law has been abolished!

In a vote in the Danish parliament recently, their Blasphemy Law was abolished by a majority of 75 – 27. The proposal to abolish was made from the socialists in ‘Enhedslisten’, but was backed from both sides of the aisle.

The Danish Humanist Society has had abolishment as a goal from the founding of the organisation, almost ten years ago. It is a great day for humanism and for the End Blasphemy Laws coalition. Along with our colleagues in Denmark, Atheist Ireland is also a member of the coalition to End Blasphemy Laws. We extend our warmest congratulations to our colleague Lone Ree Milkær and everyone else at Humanistisk Samfund.

Atheist Ireland will continue to campaign for a referendum to repeal the blasphemy provision in the Irish Constitution.


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