Blasphemy – Pope advocates violence

The Pope has come up with a new solution for reacting to things he finds offensive, such as blasphemy “punch them”. Yes, he says it clearly for blasphemy – Pope advocates violence!

On a flight to the Philippines the Pope can back to talk informally to the press. While trying to explain that he did not support free speech, at least when it comes to religions, he said the solution is….. well violence. “Hit back – its normal” he tells his audience.

Although the example he gave referred not to denigrating ideas, such as his religion, but to insulting his mother. Most supports of free speech are very clear about the difference of causing offence against people and offence against ideas. Hate speech, slander and libel laws protect people from injury and offence. But blasphemy is very different in that it offers protection to ideas – “this is my idea and you cannot say anything against it that I might find offensive because it is sacred”.

Charlie Hebdo victims suffered because religious people thought it was reasonable to use violence against who caused them no personal harm. Violence is wrong and advocating violence is also wrong. Violence against people who question your ideas is still violence. If the Pope carried out his suggestion would he be able to use the “he made me hit him” defense in court? Probably not.

Blasphemy – Pope advocates violence



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