Michael Nugent Irish Blasphemy Law Discussion on RTÉ Prime Time and Today FM

Irish Blasphemy Law Discussion

In the wake of the Paris atrocities and #jesuischarlie the blasphemy law discussion in Ireland is in the news. The government is giving mixed messages on its 2014 commitment for a referendum to remove blasphemy as an offence from the Constitution of Ireland. While Enda Kenny declares “Nous sommes tous Francais aujourd’hui” in Paris he remains one of the few leaders of a government which threatens prosecution for blasphemy and backs away from commitments to remove it. But the opinion polls and sentiment in Ireland is in favour of removing the offence if only they can be allowed a referendum to prove it.

Join the blasphemy law discussion – make your comments here and write, phone in, text and tweet to you local media and local politicians.

Michael Nugent discussed the history of the Irish blasphemy laws on the RTÉ Prime Time program:



Michael Nugent and David Quinn discuss the Charlie Hebdo cartoons and Irish blasphemy laws on the Today FM Last Word program:



Michael Nugent discusses the Charlie Hebdo cartoons on the BBC Radio Ulster Talkback program:

Here are just some of the editorials and commentaries in the media calling for a renewed blasphemy law discussion and a rethink on the constitutional referendum (just click on the link for the relevant media report: Irish Times Opinion, Irish Times Editorial, Examiner – Ireland’s blasphemy law must be struck out, Examiner – mixed messages from ministers, Examiner – Blasphemy vote cannot be deferred, Independent – Islamic scholar threatens prosecution for blasphemy under Irish law, RTE – time to repeal Ireland’s blasphemy laws?



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