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    Stephen Brown January 13, 2010

    The only reason why religions try to bring in Blasphemy laws is because they can’t use science, historical fact, logic, sense or reason to defend their pathetic bigotry, lies, beliefs and indoctrination, so they try to gag educated people who speak the truth against them!

    If you hear voices in your head or believe in any of the nonsense and vile bigotry spoken by Christianity, Islam, Judism and other religions, see a shrink! If you believe in virgin births, people walking on water, invisible beings watching you and burning you after death if you’ve been naughty or that you’ll go to some magical place with fairies and angels in after you die (especially if you kill us non-believers first), get a proper education and stop being so naive!

    Irish politicians, of all people, should learn from history and PREVENT religious indoctrination, segregation and hatred… instead of defending it!

    Please prosecute me Ireland, so I can stand in a public court and present the vast array of evidence against religion for all to see and hear!

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    Martin January 14, 2010

    This law is a joke. Just like any religion. It’s funny how all these boys clubs have such power. Amazing. Ban them all, every single religion. Or at least make it a law that if you insult a religion, you as a free thinking person will be afforded the same rights as those who in my eyes are empty cans, which as we all know, rattle the most. What a joke. The Irish government has yet again proved how useless they are. What’s next for Ireland? Sharia law? It’s coming, mark my words. It’s coming. I’m sorry did I offend you? Oh well, I’m offended by the outrageous acts of religions! It’s all a sickness. Darwin had it right.

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    Jason January 18, 2010

    What an utterly outrageous and embarassing law! Way to take a giant leep back…

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    Ken January 28, 2010

    So how are we doing at undoing this?

    Any protests lined up?


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