Speeches from Dublin Meeting

Here are the speeches from the recent Dublin meeting against the proposed Irish blasphemy law, along with discussion from the floor and responses from the panelists. There are nine videos, covering 80 minutes of the meeting. Thanks to Paul for filming and uploading them.

Introduction by Michael Nugent, writer and chair of Atheist Ireland
(10 mins: introducing the blasphemy law and the Church of Dermotology)

Robbie Bonham, comedian and cartoonist, on artistic expression
(10 mins: includes end of Michael Nugent speech; Robbie Bonham introduced at 0:55)

Dick Spicer, Humanist Association of Ireland, on campaigning
(10 mins: includes intro by Michael Nugent; Dick Spicer introduced at 0:55 secs)

Ian O’Doherty, newspaper columnist, on freedom of expression
(10 mins: includes end of Dick Spicer speech; Ian O’Doherty introduced at 2:10)

Ian O’Doherty and Audience Discussion Part 1
(10 mins: includes end of Ian O’Doherty speech; Audience discussion begins at 2:40)

Audience Discussion Part 2
(5 mins: continuation of discussion from audience)

More details of the law and comments from panel
(10 mins: Starts with Michael Nugent; Dick Spicer begins at 6:20)

More comments from panel in response to discussion
(10 mins: Robbie Bonham at 0:45; Ian O’Doherty at 3:51; Michael Nugent at 6:33)

More comments from panel in response to discussion
(5 mins: Michael Nugent on atheism, secularism, morality and the blasphemy law)


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