General Discussion and Comments Part 2

Discussion is welcome on this website. I’ve moved some discussion-based comments here to separate them from the specific themes of other posts. Please feel free to continue any discussions here that don’t seem to fit in anywhere else.


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    Colm Foley July 14, 2009

    Between getting the catholic newspaper spam “Alive!” in my post box to vigils at tree stumps and now a law to bring back notions of blasphemy.. I’ve had enough! The Catholic concentration camps (aka Industrial schools) may be gone but the church still has an icy grip on our country. I was baptised a catholic but do not wish to be counted as one! Soon certain books and films will be banned again. And if you’re gay? Good luck. How can i have my voice heard??

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    L Maher January 12, 2010

    If there’s one thing you’d think humans should have learned by now it’s that government and law should never ever be mixed with religion. I am disgusted once again by the actions of people who are taking my money and supposed to be acting on my behalf. I’m a normal Irish citizen and this legislation does NOT reflect my views. I think I can safely say that we are all getting really sick of being laughed at by the rest of the world. Just as the eyes of many Irish people are opened to the fact that Religion can be used in very dangerous ways, we are stopped from expressing our views… what is happening to our “democracy”? The state of this country and this is what our government spend their time doing???

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    L Maher January 12, 2010

    Also, why is the focus always on Islam and muslims? Maybe because the main point of the religion, like many other religions, seems to be, as you can see above, that they are right and everyone else is always wrong (references to the fact that people are using the wrong word for god/ that there are flaws in all other religions) and any comment made which depicts the reality of what is happening in the world (I’m talking about the way extremist muslims are terrorising the world – and I know they’re not the only ones but others are not using religion as their grounds) is offensive to them. The whole idea behind freedom of speech is that if we were to ban everything which offends us, the world wouldn’t be workable. Why not try passing a law which inhibits people from taking things too seriously and makes everyone accept that we all have a right to our views! I know the references above to “injurious images or comment” are to those Danish newspaper images which, like many things, caused these religious extremists “injury” so they of course had to hold yet another bloody demonstration. Don’t you think that the views of the people who make the images and comments like this are that there is no such thing as a “god” or a “prophet” and so they have no idea that people would react in this way and did not intend to cause hurt. So why don’t their views get respect? Why are muslims, catholics, protestants etc allowed to tell others that they are living the wrong way and will go to “hell”? Don’t they think that causes insult to normal people who are not delusional?? Where do we draw the line and is the government to take sides?? This is dangerous territory and the Irish government should know better!


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