Help Stop the Irish Blasphemy Law

Do you want to stop the Irish government from reviving the medieval crime of blasphemy? Do you want to promote a rational, ethical and secular society in Ireland? 

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    David McKay July 14, 2009

    I am absolutely opposed to the blasphemy law.

    It is a preposterous, backwards idea that suppresses free speech.

    So nonsensical is the idea that it fails even at its own goal: while on the one hand it gives undue respect to religious belief above all else, on the other it treats the religious as being weak and frail, incapable of defending their own opinions.

    It is a law that makes Ireland and its people look idiotic on a global scale. It is a law which, contrary to its goal, supports and endorses bigotry and hatred.

    If the revelations about the Catholic church have taught us anything, it is that we need to be prepared to question and criticise all institutions, even or perhaps especially the religious, no matter how much this might slight the feelings of its adherents.

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    Adrian Wainer July 17, 2009

    Sorry folks I gave it my best shot in posting on Facebook but they have suspended my account. It seems to me that Facebook supports Freespeech as long as it is Islamonazis doing the speeching, try to argue with them and you will be booted off Facebook.

    Best and Warm Regards
    Adrian Wainer

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    Lorraine Sheehan July 23, 2009

    This new “LAW”, is an infrigment of our human right. This LAW was passed without the expressed consent of Irelands people. There was no VOTE, the government have no money for a referandum, but the have the money for the Treaty.

    God wanted us to question all. I was baptised a catholic but refuse to have anything to do with the Church. I went about to get out of the church but several priests said once baptised “WE” belong to the church.
    I have my bible and i study it, i believe in God, but i like to be questioned on god.
    Now, saying all this we have to look at what the government are going to get out of this. Who gets the money?
    We all have a right to freedom of expression.

    We as Irish blood peopl should take a stand for this and also for the way the government has run “OUR” country.
    We need a protest outside government buildings and every Catholic church in Ireland.
    We are IRELAND. Lets be Irish. Lets take control of our Lives, and where we want OUR country to go.

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    lorrsi July 23, 2009

    What is the Church and vatacan afraid of? Humans are inquisitive and therefore question.
    We have the right to ask people about their religions in good honour. God asked us to question even on the vatican website Fr.Robert Pollock assures us that it is right for us to ask God questions.

    When we ask a question we expect an answer. In the course of our lives, we ask, and we must ask, many questions. We ask questions for different reasons in different contexts. We ask for directions when we are not sure where we are. We ask when we do not know something, and we want to learn and understand. To understand something well, we have to ask many questions.

    If we wish to learn, at a deep and important level, we ask deep and important questions. Knowing about God means knowing things at a very deep level, so many deep and important questions have to be asked. In the course of our Christian lives we encounter many things, about which we might want to ask questions

    In the Gospels, the disciples frequently questioned Jesus. They wanted to know more, to understand more deeply what he said and did. Jesus answered their questions. Sometimes their question was answered by another question, which invited further questions, thus making it possible to reach a deeper level of knowledge and understanding.
    So now tell me how they managed to pass this LAW? ?
    Check the website for the above passage

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    andrew July 25, 2009

    this laws infringed on free speech. ireland is a secular country and as there is no proof for any religion,it does not deserve any special treatment


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