We Must Not Incentivize Religious Outrage

Six months after the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten printed twelve cartoons of Muhammad in 2005, orchestrated Islamic outrage led to over a hundred people being killed and Danish embassies attacked in Syria, Lebanon and Iran. 

The proposed Irish blasphemy law uses religious outrage as one of the triggers for determining whether material is blasphemous. This incentivizes religious outrage, and makes it more likely to happen.

Bloody Cartoons is a BBC documentary in which Danish director Karsten Kjaer examines the controversy and its impact on free speech in a democracy. It is filmed in Europe and the Middle east. Watch this important documentary, and campaign against the Irish blasphemy law.

Continue for parts 2 to 5 of the documentary…

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    Jasus Christy January 03, 2010

    Europe and the USA are walking into the hands of the nutters by not confronting the mad muslims and neglecting to be strident about the simple fact that – we [THE WEST] are big on free speech and we will not indulge or entertain anyone who has a problem with that.

    Sadly we have and continue to indulge the whackos and PC Brigades


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