Muslims and Public Religious Outrage

Publishing or saying this could be illegal in Ireland if the new blasphemy law is passed:

“Religious ‘outrage’ is an almost unknown phenomenon in our culture: but it is so common on the Islamic street that one often wonders: do Muslims know any other public mood? And whereas I can ask this question today, might it not be blasphemous under Dermot Ahern’s new law? For some Muslims might hold that it is grossly abusive or insulting to things they hold sacred, to dispute their right to endless public anger.”

Kevin Myers, Irish Independent, May 7 2009


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    Anna January 04, 2010

    Well, Marcas, the arab world has a point in showing political outrage, as they are the ones under attack, but we are talking about something different here. If a mere cartoon about their prophet cannot be tolerated either, what comes next? No arab or moslem country is known for tolerance, in fact they are known for quite different things. Wars or occupations may contribute to their confused state of minds, although we had wars and occupations in Europe as well but without such religious bigotry, at least not since 17th century.

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    Fred May 30, 2017

    Islam is an outrage.


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