What if a Religion Deserves to be Disliked Intensely?

Publishing or saying this could be illegal in Ireland if the new blasphemy law is passed:

“But what is wrong with inciting intense dislike of a religion, if the activities or teachings of that religion are so outrageous, irrational or abusive of human rights that they deserve to be disliked intensely?

To criticise people for their race is manifestly irrational, but to criticise their religion is surely a right. The freedom to criticise or ridicule ideas – even if they are sincerely held beliefs – is a fundamental freedom.”

Stephen King, Irish Examiner, May 6 2009


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    Steve January 03, 2010

    Excellent stuff. I believe strongly that we confuse race and religion in law. I find discrimination by race abhorrent and such discrimination should be protected by law.

    But I should be able to discriminate or object against those whose guiding ideology wants me suppressed or destroyed for failing to acknowledge the existence of their fantasy friend.

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    AuBricker January 03, 2010

    Well put. I will buy a Steven King book in response to this remark. He is now an author worth spending on.

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    Destrii January 11, 2010

    Quite right! I think these whole blasphemy law stuff is ridiculous and King sums it up perfectly – race isn’t a choice, whereas religion is.


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