Transubstantiation and Desert Superstitions

Publishing or saying this could be illegal in Ireland if the new blasphemy law is passed:

“(If defamation of religion was illegal) it would be a crime for me to say that the notion of transubstantiation is so ridiculous that even a small child should be able to see the insanity and utter physical impossibility of a piece of bread and some wine somehow taking on corporeal form. It would be a crime for me to say that Islam is a backward desert superstition that has no place in modern, enlightened Europe and it would be a crime to point out that Jewish settlers in Israel who believe they have a God given right to take the land are, frankly, mad. All the above assertions will, no doubt, offend someone or other.”

Ian O’Doherty, Irish Independent, March 6 2009


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    Declan O'Mahony January 12, 2010

    Brilliant – totally hits the nail on the head

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    Alex January 23, 2010

    Could someone tell me what is so different between established religious groups and cults because they seem to be different extremities of the same thing. The cult, children of god which is now the family international… here in Ireland had promoted free sex between individuals and sexual abuse of children born into the group. Christianity in predominantly catholic groups raped, tortured and abused children as we were clearly shown in the Ryan report. Some Children in Islam and Indian traditions are married off before they are adults and subsiquently abused and no one does anything. Could it be that Religious ideology is simply an un-natural and irrelevant way of life.

    I’m really sick of listening to clergy harp on about the good they do because they don’t. The church has been responsible for death and destruction over many centuries. Death of innocent people for not believing in something they simply don’t believe, burning them at the stake, drilling holes in the heads of down syndrome children. Not once has any representitive stood up and made an apology for it. And then we come to the past 4-5 decades where they are still torturing children…

    Wake up people. Religious organization has ‘proven’ consistently to be a danger to society and should be shut down. it is no different than shutting down an organization that doesn’t vet its workers who handle vulnerable individuals.

    People have a right to believe what they want to believe and there’s no problem doing it in their own homes… where it is safe.

    The blasphemy law, if it is to stay should be accompanied by a law that forbids any religious groups from attacking verbaly or otherwise offending groups of people they deem to be “moraly wrong” because the fact is those people probably have a medical condition, they are derived from natural variation in the human race or they were simply born that way and there’s not allot they can do about it. Religious groups should have a law slapped on them for making offensive comments on the rest of us.


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