Irish Constitution – All Authority Comes From God

What Eamon de Valera told the Dail during the debate on the 1937 Irish Constitution:

“I want everybody to realise what this Constitution states about authority. In the Preamble, and in the Article that refers to that, there is a clear, unequivocal statement that authority comes from God. That is fundamental. It does not matter what view a group of Catholic theologians may take as to how it comes to the immediate rulers. What we have here is clear at any rate – that authority is from God. That is fundamental Catholic doctrine, and it is here. It is true doctrine.”

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    Robert John January 18, 2010

    Authority from god? are we tribal pygmies obeying witch doctors or evolved and educated higher intellects? Absolutely unbelievable!! IN OURSELVES WE TRUST (and THUS take full responsibility for our actions) not some invisible scape-goat who has been given (by some of us)strange and omnipotent power over all of us.


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